Selah Place

Everyone needs a chance to pause, to rest, and to reflect…to “Selah”. The program of Selah Place is designed to provide a time for a restful pause. A time for our once broken and disrupted families to be reunited, to heal and to find hope for a future together after a difficult season of life. In their time at Selah Place, single mom-led families are provided with low-cost housing, mentorship, life skills development, educational opportunities, job training, financial planning, goal setting and more; all while surrounded by a loving circle of support and community. By the time their one and a half to two years at Selah Place is complete, it is our goal and belief that families will be ready to launch into a new beginning.  Walking in complete freedom. Filled with hope for a bright future. Completely whole. Completely HEALED…WITHOUT A SCAR.  

Empowered to Change International

Empowered to Change International, Inc. empowers the broken to heal, the voiceless to speak and communities to come together. We do this through Safe Housing Programs for the survivor of human trafficking, the aging out of foster care, the vulnerable and people who suffer from trauma and addiction. We offer a faith based or a non-faith based model for meditation and meetings. Some of our services include job and employment coaching, contracted services for family, trauma, and substance abuse counseling, and budget and financial coaching. We believe that living in a Safe Home is Key.

Isaiah Village

The mission of Isaiah Village is to empower and promote independence in adults with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities. Once the building processis complete, Isaiah Village will offer a safe inclusive, low-cost community of small cottages, individual apartments, and a community center. A place to belong, learn life skills, practice social skills,make friends, experience love, Christian discipleship, and build true hope and indepence.